Family Day with the Birds

Monday of this week was Family Day. There was a high of 6°C and with the day off work, I was a happy camper. My boyfriend and I drove to Jack Pine Trail, armed with a bag of seeds for the numerous chickadees that populate the area.

At first the birds seemed few. We also had some competition with another family that had the same idea as us and arrived earlier, snagging the first good spot. But as we walked along the trail we came across lots of little flocks of these adorable birds.

The chickadees living by Jack Pine Trail are very comfortable with the presence of humans and flit excitedly to the lower branches, letting you know they’re ready for a snack. All you have to do is hold up your handful of seeds and then bam! – a little light weight is perched on your fingertips. Some are there for a split second before darting off to the safety of the branches, but I had one little poser that took his time (that’s him below).

My family has been feeding the chickadees for years. I got lucky with the warm weather. Normally you’re trading off hands after a few minutes, your fingers numb.

We didn’t bring Pepper (that fluff ball of a golden doodle you see), worried she’d scare away the birds. But after lunch we took Pepper to her favourite spot: the back lawn of the nearby school where she gets to run around off leash.

She’s definitely a winter dog, burying her nose in the snow and just rolling back and forth for a good 30 seconds.

Wet, dirty paws when we got home though. Oh well. I mean look at that face! Totally worth it.

Sometimes I get too comfortable sitting around the house with my tea, iPad and everything I could possibly need near at hand. Especially in winter. I’m not a fan of being cold. I can tolerate -10°C, anything below that and I would rather hibernate.

It’s important to go out in nature and to experience wildlife. As docile as they are, chickadees totally count. I believe that when you interact on a personal level with your surroundings and start building a relationship , you’ll start caring more.

This is what I call a “chat”. It’s nothing specific: a bit of a diary session to share some thoughts, pictures and activities. 


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