I would like to introduce you to one of my favourite products, which I have used every single day since I got it almost four months ago.

My Pela phone case.

Honestly, I wish there were more opportunities to bring it up in casual conversation.

Yeah that was a really great movie. I’m so glad we went and saw it. You know what else is great? My phone case!

How was your weekend? I spent too much of mine on my phone which happens to be covered in this super awesome case!

Oh you like music? Do you use Apple Music or Spotify on your phone? Speaking of phones, what type of phone case do you have? This is mine. I love it.

Why do I have this desire to turn every conversation back to this slim piece of lavender goodness?

Because my phone case is unlike any other phone case because mine is made out of PLANTS! Which means my phone case is totally biodegradable. At the end of its life, it doesn’t get thrown in the trash, it gets thrown in the compost! (Or I can send it back to to Pela so they can recycle it and make another phone case).

Seriously, how cool is that?

I’ve had it since Christmas – it was at the top of my wish list last year. My older sister, the giver, was a little shocked at just how I excited I was to open the present. Because it’s just a phone case…right?


My lavender Pela case is an eco-friendly, Canadian made product that’s durable, pretty and a great conversation piece – even if it’s not as easy to slip into casual convo as I make it seem.

More reasons to love Pela:

  • They donate part of their revenues to not-for-profit organizations that support the environment
  • The material every Pela case is made out of “has a lower carbon footprint and lower greenhouse gas emissions than traditional plastic” (official Pela language)
  • It’s durable – even though it’s made of a material that will eventually biodegrade when composted, it keeps my phone safe and secure
  • You receive a sweet, hand written note thanking your for your support
  • They have the best instagram – they love to share pictures from fans as well as encouragement in pursuing sustainability and preserving our planet

I’m not a sponsor for this company or anything, I just have the product and I adore it.

My only “heads-up” for potential customers – buy a dark colour. If you’re like me and keep your phone in the back pocket of your jeans, go for the dark blue or green. My light phone case tends to soak in the dye of the denim which means the edges of my case are permanently stained. To avoid this, don’t keep your phone in your pocket.

^ That slight disclaimer should not, whatsoever, discourage you from purchasing a Pela case. Especially since they’re 25% off right now because Sunday is Earth Day!

This year’s Earth Day theme is End Plastic Pollution (visit Earth Day Network for lots of great resources). What better way to celebrate this theme then by purchasing a game-changing product that you can feel 100% good about?


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