Angels and Bumblebees


Since starting this blog my rule has been to replace products I run out of with zero or nearo waste alternatives.

Which is what led me to Lush this morning.

I’m running out of my usual anti-perspirant and deodorant is not something you can go a day or two without. I don’t remember if I specifically went searching on Lush’s website to see if they had deodorant or if a Google search led me there, but in the end I sat in front of a screen reading reviews for their natural deodorant.

Overall, the reviews seemed to be quite positive, but one reoccurring comment was the rather strong smell of the product. I’m sensitive to smells and when I don’t like something, I REALLY don’t like it.

While I only needed the one thing from Lush I knew I was not walking out of Lush with one item, not when there are so many great products to try.

Product #1


What did I buy: Aromaco Deodorant: $6.95/100g; 3.9/5 rating

Why did I buy it: I have sensitive underarms and I’ve tried a lot of different products. Many of them have left me red and itchy. The product that’s been working for me lately is Dove anti-perspirant. Honestly, I’m so sensitive, I’m worried switching to a different scent will bring on unwanted side-effects. However, Dove comes in a lot of plastic. To avoid the plastic, but still have something that treated my skin kindly (while remaining affordable as most “natural” deodorants are not), I decided to try the roll-on Aromaco Deodorant.

While Lush carries other varieties of deodorant, the Aromaco stood out to me because of price point, application type (roll-on vs. powder), soothing chamomile vinegar, and the positive reviews.

First Impressions: Reserving judgement. I don’t want to make a claim about a deodorant after only wearing it for a couple of hours.

In terms of the “too strong of a smell” – yes, if you hold the bar up to your nose, it is a very strong smell. But once applied to your underarms and with a layer of clothes between that and your nose, it’s not overwhelming.

I chose a good day to test it – it’s 32 degrees Celsius today with 62% humidity and I’m sitting outside as I write this. Even in the shade, I’m uncomfortably warm.

Product #2


What did I buy: Scrubee Body Butter: $7.95/90 g; 4.8/5 rating

Why did I buy it: Scrubee caught my eye because it’s adorable. I smell everything (I can barely walk by a candle without lifting it to my nose) so I brought Scrubee up to my nose and breathed in. Delicious. A light, slightly sweet and gentle scent that made me breathe in again.

One of the young women working noticed my attention and offered me a demo.

Two things she said about the product that rang a bell in my brain:

1) Scrubee is great because you can apply it in the shower (I’m too lazy to apply lotion after getting out of the shower)

2) No more in-grown hairs (please, let it be true)

In the demo she wet my skin with warm water and rubbed the bar lightly across my arm with both the smooth underside and the exfoliating stripes. Then she wiped it off. It left a slight waxy feeling on my skin, like a coating, which didn’t stick around long. The lovely, gentle scent of it lingered on my skin even after it was washed off. Three hours and an entire shower later, I can still smell it.

Scrubee is made with cocoa butter, shea butter, honey, coconut oil and bergamot oil, among other ingredients. Ground coconut shell acts as the exfoliant in its three little stripes.

First Impressions: Love it already. With the heat of summer, I’ve been having issues with chaffing and rubbing between my thighs, leaving me uncomfortable and at times, in great discomfort. I used Scrubee on that area after shaving and while I still have red bumps, my skin does feels nice and moisturized.

Reserving further judgements until I’ve tried it multiple times.

Product #3


What did I buy: Angels on Bare Skin: $16.95/100g; 4.5/5 rating

Why did I buy it: I loved my Cup O’Coffee cleanser and wanted to try something similar.

I really appreciate good customer service and attentive, helpful companies. In my Instagram story I tagged Lush Cosmetics. I received three different responses from three different representatives. The first one was a nice “we look forward to your visit!” The next day I received another message asking me about my skin type so that she could offer me product suggestions. A few hours later I received a recommendation for Angels because I had said that my face tends towards oily but overall my skin is rather sensitive.

Erikka suggested Angels because: “the blend of kaolin clay and ground almonds does a wonderful job at gently exfoliating, while the lavender, rose and chamomile are extremely smoothing on sensitive skin.”

The other young woman at Lush was actually using the product herself when I asked where to find it and she showed me how to make the paste and what kind of consistency I was looking for.

First Impressions: Beautiful! I cleansed my face with it before the shower (my normal habit, since I’m messy and my cleansers end up in my hair) and my skin felt wonderful. It felt clean, moisturized and soft. Also, the entire time, it smelled like I was in a garden.


I like Lush because everything smells good and feels good. They also have a sustainability program in place. You can get a lot of their products naked or in recyclable/compostable paper. If you do buy product in the iconic black jars, they have a return program which uses your jars to make new ones.

Also, they steer away from virgin plastic in their other bottles. I’m not sure if they have a return policy for those – would be something to follow up on.

Overall, I’d just like to give Lush a shout out because they make awesome products and I’ve always had good experiences in their stores. Their staff is friendly and knowledgeable without being pushy. Also the service I received on Instagram was greatly appreciated. Companies that care are the type of companies I want to support.

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