Lush Aromaco Deodorant

After reading numerous online reviews, I decided to try the Lush Aromaco deodorant (I have an earlier post about it that you can check out here). Generally, the reviews were positive. It also seemed like the most affordable option and fairly convenient (required a trip to the East end).

This review is based on over two months of consistent use.


  • It’s affordable at $6.95/100 g. I bought about 50 g and I still have more than half the bar left
  • The first few times I used it, it didn’t glide well, but if you consistently use only one side then you’ll soon get a nice, slick surface that makes application easy
  • It doesn’t leave marks on the underarms of shirts/dresses
  • It keeps you odour-free for hours
  • It comes in a compostable wrapper


  • If you sweat, the deodorant will leave a distinct smell in the underarms of your clothes. I find I have to wash things more frequently
  • Reapplication is often necessary if you have evening plans

Would I purchase it again?

Unfortunately, no.

The first week or two I regarded the irritated skin and itching as a side-effect of switching my deodorant. However, it’s persisted at some level ever since.

I know that it’s possible to have comfortable underarms because my last antiperspirent was perfect for my skin. Irritation free. Which is why I’m so disappointed. I really wanted this one to work.

Would I recommend it?

Yes. At the very least I’d say give it a try.

If you have more sensitive skin, then I’d say start small, like I did. Also, it has a strong and distinct smell that will either appeal to you or it won’t.

I want to say again that I sincerely wish that Aromaco had worked for me. If you have something that works for you, I’d love to know what it is!

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