Who is this Eco Siren?

My name is Michaela Joy. You can call me Michaela, or Joy, or MJ.

I am an introvert that likes to write. I also happen to love our blue and green planet (especially the blue part of it). In the past year, ever since my job got me into reading about the state of affairs of our planet, I have felt convicted to live a far more eco-friendly lifestyle than I currently do.

Therefore this blog is a combination of two things I am passionate about – writing and our planet.

IMG_0479 (2)
This is me back in January 2018 while visiting one of my favourite places on earth: Beacon Hill Park in Victoria, BC.

If you like random, quirky writing with some environmentalism thrown in, we might just get along.

Here’s a few more things about me to get this relationship started:

  • I have a degree in public relations
  • I would rather be a jedi than a superhero
  • My favourite animals include (and are not limited to) penguins, belugas, and foxes
  • My heroes are the Kratt Brothers

This is not a zero-waste blog; I am not, and may never be, at that level, but I admire all the people that live such a dedicated lifestyle.

And it’s not a how-to blog. I am in no place to teach you how to live an ethically-sourced, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly life.

But that’s the point. I’m learning and Eco Siren is where I’ve decided to document my efforts.

December 2018: hiking in Gatineau with my sister

My aim is to provide a lot of variety on Eco Siren, from product reviews, interviews with eco influencers, spotlights on eco organizations, DIYs, general information pieces, personal stories, thrift store hauls, pictures, explorations, and fun.

Any of those strike your fancy?

I post sporadically…

See you in a bit.